APIs (application program interfaces), are a way for you, as a programmer, to interact with a different system. We provide a few APIs here, mostly providing access to Harvard information: course information, HUDS information, etc.


These APIs are known as RESTful APIs, which means they can be treated as if they were websites. You can contact them by accessing a specific URL with a particular method (GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE) and body, and the API will send back information in a internet media type, like XML or JSON.


Sign up for an API key below, and then check out the documentation tab, you can try out the API in this site.

Sign up for an API key

To actually use our APIs, you need to provide, as one of the arguments you send in the body of your request, an API key. This provides us with usage statistics and prevents buggy code from breaking the servers we host our APIs on.

Example request!

Try it on your command line with [your API key] replaced with the API key you received by signing up for the plan

$ curl -v https://api.cs50.net/courses/courses?key=[your API key]&